AMP™ is an enrichment service that aims to amplify each child's unique inner voice and potential through ART, MUSIC and PLAY -- to cultivate a fun and meaningful environment that fosters different areas of individual development for children with all abilities.

Despite each child's developmental level, every single child deserves a fun and creative learning environment to wiggle their mind and body. Based on Teacher Ceri's past experience working with children with different abilities and from different backgrounds, she has found that ART (visual learning), MUSIC (auditory learning), and PLAY (kinesthetic learning) are the universal mediums that always excite and motivate children to learn the most. That's where the inspiration of AMP™ sprouted.

"With a toss of creativity, learning possibilities are endless for all kinds of children."
(Downing & Eichinger, 2003)

Downing, J.E., & Eichinger, J. (2003). Creating learning opportunities for students with severe disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Teaching Exceptional Children, 36 (1), 26-31.